Pre-commissioning of Oxygen Pipelines

Project Description

Pre-commissioning of Oxygen Pipelines
Oxygen Distribution Pipelines can be extremely hazardous due to the flammable nature of Oxygen. Thus pre-commissioning cleaning of Oxygen Pipelines has to be carefully monitored to ensure the system is completely safe for commissioning. The piping systems requires special cleaning capable of meeting contaminant levels not exceeding 1000 micrograms per square metre.

Project Details
A system is considered to be clean for oxygen service when internal organic, inorganic, and particulate matters have been extensively removed. Removal of contaminants such as greases, oils, thread lubricants, dirt, water, filings, scale, weld spatter, paints, or other foreign material is essential. Chemcleanzio undertook Degreasing, Acid Cleaning and Passivation of Oxygen Pipelines. During the process, the flow was monitored and several samples were drawn to test for Oil and Grease, Iron pick up. Finally samples were inserted to monitor the passivation film. After completing the chemical cleaning process, the line was dried with Nitrogen until the expected dew point was achieved.

Client: Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Angul
Service: Chemical Cleaning of Oxygen Lines

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