Online Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Chemcleanzio decontaminates Heat Exchanger trains effectively using the Steam Vapour Decontamination methodology.

When the heat exchanger efficiency in between turnarounds drop, Operators must make the difficult decision to run at low efficiency or stop production to clean the heat exchangers. Chemcleanzio offers an alternative approach to keep the process unit online.

Our chemistry is capable to fluidize and/or dissolve hydrogen-deficient hydrocarbon deposits, such as those found in heat exchangers. The preheat trains are segmented into smaller exchanger groups that can be temporarily bypassed during normal operations. A Steam Vapor process is performed with the added chemistry and for approximately 12 hours based on pre-engineered planning. The exchangers can then go back into service without the need for mechanical cleaning and improved efficiency.

Results from this treatment have shown between 70-85% regained heat efficiency. Depending on the severity, a preventative maintenance schedule can be created to avoid a full unit shutdown until the major turnaround