Case Study

1. Catalyst Loading & Unloading Services

  1. Unloading & Loading of Catalyst at PX-PTA Unit (Sock, Inert & Dense Method).
  2. Catalyst Loading & Unloading Job in Inert Atmosphere at NCU.
  3. Catalyst Unloading & Loading in Alkylation Reactors.

2. Tank Cleaning

  1. Phenolic Sour Water Tank (MT-RH441-01) Decontamination, Sludge removal and Cleaning (without sludge processing) at DTA Sulphur during Sept’ 23 Shutdown.
  2. Internal Cleaning of MO & RARFS Tanks at PTD-1.

3. Online Furnace Cleaning

  1. Online Chemical Cleaning of 08 (Eight) No’s of Furnaces CDU-1(11-F-01, 11-F-101), CDU-2(16-F-01, 16-F-101), VDU- 1(31-F-01, 31-F-101), VDU-2(82-F-01) & OHCU (91-F-02) on regular basis for a period of one (01) year.
  2. CDU-4 F101 & F102 Furnace Tube Chemical Cleaning.
  3. Online Furnace Chemical Cleaning of CDU-3 & CDU-4 (9 Heaters).

4. Oil Flushing / Oil Filtiration

  1. Work of Lube-Oil Flushing Job for Ammonia Urea Fertilizers Projects.

5. Decontamination & Degassing Services

  1. Decontamination Job in HGU-DHT, SRU, KHDS & HGU Units at M&I Turnover.
  2. Decontamination Job in INDMAX, DHDT, VGO-HDT, AVU, DCU and SULPHUR BLOCK Unit at M&I Shutdown.
  3. Decontamination Job of complete AVU-I and AVU-III Unit during M&I Shutdown.

6. Foam Cleaning Service

  1. Foam Cleaning of Air Fin Fan Coolers in Various Process Units like: AVU, VBU, CRU, FCCU, MSQU, TGTU, ARU, SWS, PRIM-G, DHDT, DHDS, OHCU and HGU-1 & HGU-2 during shutdown.Total Nos of Fans Cleaned: 241

7. Onsite Chemical Cleaning

  1. Chemical Cleaning of Packinox Heat Exchangers.
  2. Chemical Cleaning / Pickling / Degreasing of Equipment’s and Vessels Exchangers, Piping Etc.
  3. Online Chemical Cleaning of 80/TPH CDQ of Boiler Cleaning.