Catalyst Loading & Unloading

Chemcleanzio provides customers with fast, efficient services using the most advanced high volume vacuum equipment, screeners, safety equipment, reactor Internals removal, reinstatement, video inspection, repair, modification, upgrade, Passivation and loading equipment available.

Chemcleanzio has a range of options available for the loading of reactors, vessels, and columns

  • Sock Loading Method: Sock Loading involves placing the catalyst into a hopper on the top of the reactor manway and discharging it through a canvas or rubber “Sock”.
  • Dense Loading: “Dense Loading” is achieved by a mechanical device that ensures a uniform distribution of catalyst throughout the entire diameter of the reactor, and better total bed density as the catalyst is being loaded.
  • Reformer Loading: This type of reactor presents challenges for loading and unloading as the catalyst has to be put in and removed from these narrow diameter tubes without damaging the catalyst. Tubular / Reformer reactors can have fixed or removable top and bottom domes or covers to access the tubes and install or remove the catalyst.

Chemcleanzio has a range of options available for the unloading of reactors, vessels, and columns.

  • Vacuum Unloading – Vacuum Machine is required to suck the spent catalyst from the reactor. This minimizes exposure to the operator and environment by directly transferring the spent catalyst including dust to Drums.
  • Gravity Unloading: A nozzle at bottom of reactor or at bottom of each bed for multiple bed reactors with a proper dump chute and containers (bins or drums ) for discharge catalyst is used to unload the catalyst from the equipment.Positive Nitrogen Pressure is maintained in equipment and chute / container during inert discharge. Constant monitoring is maintained to ensure catalyst is unloaded evenly. Any remaining catalyst is then vacuumed / shovelled. If man entry is required, this is done using a Life Support System

Chemcleanzio’s Catalyst Loading Machinery includes: Life Support System : Breathing Apparatus, Hoppers, Cyclone, Vacuum Machine, Inspection Camera, Dense Loading Machine, FRP Air Line Brething Set Screeners etc.