Chemical Cleaning & Passivation of Butadiene Unit

Project Description

Chemical Cleaning & Passivation of Butadiene Unit
Butadiene Units are prone to Polymer Fouling. To minimise fouling, it is recommended that passivation be done before startup of the Butadiene Unit. Chemcleanzio provides advanced cleaning and passivation methodology for Passivation of Butadiene Units.

Project Details
Chemcleanzio used a jet spraying mechanism for degreasing, acid cleaning and passivation of Butadiene Units. Cleaning through spraying reduces the amount of chemicals required and the waste generated thus allowing the operation to be cost effective for the client. Mobile laboratory present onsite monitors the quality parameters to ensure that passivation film is formed in the unit. The unit is then dried and purged with nitrogen until it is ready for service.

Client: Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited
Service: Chemical Cleaning and Passivation of Butadiene Sphere

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