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Mobile Laboratory Setup


Chemcleanzio (I) Pvt. Ltd is equipped with mobile testing facilities for the following :
  Water Analysis: Turbidity, Conductivity Phosphate
  Iron : FE , Ferrous and Total Iron Oil & Grease
  Chlorine Silica
  Sulphur pH
Laboratory Tools and Equipments:
  Turbidity Meter Calorie Meter
  Conductivity Meter Weighing Scales up to 0.001 mg
  pH Meter Oil & Grease
Testing Methodologies adopted:
  Titration Level 1 : Using Aquasol Titration Kit
  Titration Level 2 :
  Oil & Grease : Using Water Break Method
  Turbidity, Conductivity, pH using respective meters
  Passivation : Using Calorie Meter
  Bi-Annual Calibration and Certification Program maintained
  Calibrations completed only through NABL Certified agencies
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